Domestic Abuse is not alright!

This is something that has unfortunately occurred in a lot of our lives. I for one have suffered domestic abuse and wished during the months it happened that there was someone who could help me.


Until one day, I attended my counselling appointment and during the first half-hour of my hour-long appointment. I was withdrawn not very forthcoming. I was in my own head going over what had happened the night before and all the other times and got to the point that I boiled over and told my counsellor of what had happened. I showed her my bruises that were all over my torso where no one could see. He had kicked, punched and bitten me. I was red, black and blue and in agony.


She didn’t judge me or make me feel like it was my fault but what she did do changed my life. She said how she was going to help tell me! She took down his details and told me to go home and try and act as normal as I can. She was going to call the police and tell them of my situation and of my injuries. I was to tell my partner when the door went that it was Jehovah witnesses at the door. She said she would inform the police what I would say and said I would give them access to my flat.


So when the buzzer went I was first at the door phone the police told me who they were so I said “we not interested thank you we are Christians” and pushed the button to allow them access to the block of flats. I then quietly unlatched my yale lock. Went back into the sitting room and said “ bloody Jehovah witnesses!” The 2 police officers came to my floor and gained entry to my property and they arrested him then and there. That day my life changed I was free from the punishment and onslaught of mental and physical abuse.


The police told me once they had him in the car that the forensic examiner will be coming shortly to take pictures of my injuries. They had already attained a restraining order on him so he could not contact me even through a third party or come within 50 yards of me at any time. They put a log on my phone number that if I called they would send officers to my home and ran through how I wouldn’t have to go to court and face him and they were going to deal with collecting his belongings and his dog. The courage that the counsellor gave me I will never be able to thank her enough.


Now more than ever we need someone on our side with all these lockdowns it has made life harder and more domestic abuse is happening than ever before. Because of this, we have put in place that if you need help you can ask us to help you. Here’s how! On your next appointment make sure we have your correct address information. Or give us a call 01304 360692 and ask to update your address details. Then should you ever need us to get you help you ask to book an appointment for a ‘HAIR STEAM TREATMENT’. These are our code words and this will automatically tell us that we need to call the police on your behalf and send them to your address.


So Please spread the word we are here to help and put a stop to the abuse. No one should ever feel threatened or be beaten in their own home. No one should make your feel worthless. So let us be your counsellor (my hero)

Never a Victim Forever a Fighter