Montibello Gold Oil Essence Range - The Amber & Argan Oil


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Montibello Gold Oil Amber and Argan Oil is a pure essence produced from Amber and Argan oils which nourishes, strengthens, protects and preserves the natural beauty of hair.

Instant Results.

Nourishes, repairs, moisturises, softens, smoothes, brightens and revitalises.

Argan Oil
Obtained from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa tree that grows in South-western Morocco. It is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids (Omega 6.). Gives the hair nourishment, moisturisation, strength and shine.
Amber Oil
Obtained from the Pinus Succinifera tree resin, a tree from the Northern Europe. It is rich in antioxidants. Preserves the hair’s natural youth, protects from external aggression and softens and prevents frizziness.

Press the dispenser pump once or twice to release a quantity of the product onto the palm of the hand, according to the length and thickness of hair. Distribute on damp hair, which has been previously dried with a towel, or on dry hair. It is absorbed instantly without leaving residue. Do not rinse off.

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